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History of Ibanez RG20th

1987. The year the Ibanez RG550 changed guitar history. Quality pickups, the flattest and fastest necks ever and double-locking trems. The RG550 allowed the inventive musician to create sounds only every previously imagined. Not to mention those looks. Colours surely made only possible by an accidental mixture of radioactive paint from Mars and a slight misadventure with an hallucinogenic fungus. That pointy headstock and ultra light body. This guitar meant business. Over time, the RG has dive bombed, scratched, tapped and bellowed its way to iconic status.

Then, in honour of 20 years of the Ibanez RG series, Hoshino USA unveiled some special guitars at the 2007 winter NAMM show.

Details were kept under wraps for some time, but rumours filtered out and what was known was that a number of special edition guitars were to be released, including a brand new Steve Vai JEM 20th Anniversary Edition Signature model and three variations of the highly anticipated RG550 20TH Anniversary models in some extremely popular retro colors. This 20th anniversary edition is extremely faithful to the RG550 that started it all, born out of Ibanez's quest for originality in the world of electric guitars and the requests of artists who play heavy rock and metal.

1987 Ibanez RG20ths have been subsequently released in black, road flare red and desert yellow. All included a number of matching accessories: picks, straps and cases. The latest detailed specification is as follows:

  • Slim, fast Wizard neck (with Titanium strengthening rod)
  • Maple fretboard (rosewood on the BK)
  • Jumbo frets for easy leads and chording
  • Lightweight basswood body with upper edge sculpted for comfort
  • Floyd Rose-licensed Edge tremolo with die-cast saddles
  • Pickups include Vintage 7 and Vintage 8 humbuckers with a high-output single coil
  • 5-way switch
  • Special RG20th hardshell case, special strap, pick in colors matching guitar

Then came www.rg20th.com. A place where, with a bit of luck, we can all find out more about these amazing instruments. To see them all in one place, keep checking back here...