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About The Ibanez RG20th Registry

This site aims to track all of the RG20ths around the world. For now, it is just that. Utlimately it could become a place to share ideas, modifications, ideal setups, experiences, etc. A place where those in the know (those who own an RG20th) can find out more...

So if you are the proud owner of an RG20th and haven't yet registered, please register it here.


This is NOT an official Ibanez Guitar Company web site, nor is the author in any way associated with, or has been associated with the Company. The views and opinions expressed in this site are the authors, or the contributors, and are NOT the views or opinions of the Ibanez Guitar Company or anyone associated with it. This web site is non profit and is constructed for educational and reference purposes only. It is posted for the benefit of guitar players and enthusiasts who have found information on the RG550 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitars hard to come by. The Author is not and does not claim to be an expert on Ibanez Guitars. All information on this site are referenced where possible. If some of the information contained here is inaccurate or incorrect please inform the web master at webmaster@rg20th.com.

Where possible I have tried to seek permission for the use of images. If any of the images on this site are yours and you do not wish them to be here please tell me now and I will take them down as soon as possible.

This site aims to be as accurate as it can be. Unless required in extreme circumstances, the registration content is the responsibility of the RG20th owner (the web site visiter) and will not be modified by this site's owner. Please respect this. If there is a dispute over the registration number, or any other details, I will endeavour to act as go-between in resolving any issues. If the issue cannot be resolved I shall remove any registration, or part of a registration, at my discretion.

Please use the contact form to provide me with any information you feel is useful in helping to keep this site as accurate and up to date as posible.

Finally, remember I am in no way connected to Ibanez, simply a fan and player of guitars, just like you. I am also a happy owner of an RG20th :)