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The Ibanez RG20th Guitar Registry

The Ibanez RG20th Guitar Registry is the place where you are able to record your RG20th for the world to see! If you register, you can add your guitar to the list and, over time, track where it's gone. With only 1987 made, the hope is that all these magnificent guitars can be seen here in one place!

So if you are the proud owner of an Ibanez RG20th and haven't yet registered, please register it here.

To view or edit currently registered Ibanez RG20ths, click owners.

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It's been some time...I haven't disppeared, but I have had some ongoing issues with my hosting provider. They cut off my FTP and email access due to high bandwidth. Finally they have allowed me to leave and move on. Just playing catch-up, apologies to all those who have been trying to contact me.

01-JUNE-2008 YouTube

After an excellent suggestion from Joel, you can now post links to YouTube videos of your RG20th. Simply edit your listing and add your"embedable" YouTube code into the appropriate field. Those registered with YouTube videos can be seen here. Let's see some of your RG20th videos! (Thanks Joel)

01-JUNE-2008 For Sale

It has been some time since there was any update to the site...but recently a number of people (Andy, Joel and many others) have been asking if they can advertise their guitar for sale here. The good news is, yes you now can!

To advertise your Ibanez rg20th guitar for sale, edit your listing and update the appropriate new fields. If there are any guitars for sale, the can be found here. You can edit your listing by viewing your guitar here and then clicking your registration number (a link to edit is then visible at the top of this RG20th detail page).

18-MAY-2007 New "Owner" Listing

You can now see all registered RG20ths by their owner name here....this way you easily find out how many RGs your contemporaries have ;) Thanks to Courtney for the idea.

18-MAY-2007 Latest Registrations

Any update to you RG20th registration will now give you (short lived) fame and notoriety by being on the list to the right ->

14-MAY-2007 UK News

The word on the street is that the UK will get an official batch at the end of June. This may also mean other parts of the World will get their allocation soon too. Check back here to see when they start coming through!

12-APR-2007 View By Country

Check out the new list of RG20ths by country here. Thanks Bob.

14-MAR-2007 Number 1

Congratulations to Josh for being the first to register his RG20th(s)! Only 1984 to go...